A global patients narrates his treatment story with affordable Heart Transplant Surgery Cost in India

Hi, my name is Emlynk Exman, I am pleased to get the treatment done with affordable Heart Transplant Surgery Cost in India. I was born and brought in Kenya and was lucky enough to get the treatment on time. Thanks to the Indian medical tourism company that helped me a lot in fixing things the best. Also, my doctor who treated me also deserves the whole round of applauds for being so kind to me in treating the best with high success rate. I remember how I was bogged down with my heart ailment and at the last I was recommended to consider heart transplant surgery for the reason that my organ was about to die down. So, I had little time remaining and had only one option – the Indian hospital, since it was practically impossible to the surgery in the developed nations in the US and the UK.

Thanks to the affordable heart transplant surgery cost in India, more and more global patients are heading to this country. And patients from African countries like mine were also too much evident in the past few years. The sudden increase of African patients flying to India was primarily due to the availability of high quality healthcare services with affordable cost. This is an unique combination, which is hard to find in any other country except a few in the East like Singapore and Thailand. However, India being closer to my country proved more inexpensive than these two for obvious reasons. My wife who was browsing internet a lot managed to get a number of affordable healthcare services. There were several medical tourism companies that offered the healthcare services. But she took time to find out the best group offering the best of the packages that are hard to find out with others.You can call us : 91–9370586696

She then shared my medical reports to get the recommendation of transplant surgery. Luckily, the group also offers the best of the healthcare services, which in turn help in getting things done right on time. I had to wait for a while to get the donor but was lucky enough to get things as per my whims and fancies. I soon got a donor, which was arranged by the company itself. So, the next thing we did was to apply for the medical visa and counting on the emergency, I was seen visiting the place right on time. I then got the tickets to reach to India to get the surgery done with the affordable Heart Transplant Surgery Cost in India. I was glad to choose the best group, which has arranged the entire surgery with professionalism and integrity. Right from the boarding and lodging thing to a couple of other things, there are many more things to enjoy with the surgery.

I am glad that I got the surgery on time and kept on doing things the best. Slowly and steadily, I got my surgery done right on time keeping the freedom from the ailment that I had in my life. The surgery was a big success and no rejection of the heart that got implanted in my body as the donor was similar to me. I must thank the group for offering me the best of the healthcare services and done the same with affordable Heart Transplant Surgery Cost in India. The doctor was par to my requirements and hence the result I got for my surgery was excellent. I wouldn’t mind sharing my experience to anyone back in my home country and would therefore recommend as well for the same. Lastly, I once again thank my medical tourism company and my doctor for this incredible journey towards new life.

Thanking You,


Emlynk Exman




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