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A heart transplant is surgical treatment to replace person’s diseased heart and update it with a healthy heart from a deceased donor. Most heart transplants are done on patients who've end-stage heart failure. Heart failure is a condition in which the heart is damaged or weak. As a end result, it can't pump enough blood to fulfill the body's need. "End-stage" means the condition is so severe that all treatments, other than a heart transplant, have failed. Heart transplants are done as a life-saving measure for end-stage heart failure.


Dr. K R Balakrishnan one of the nation's leading heart transplant surgeon


Living with a transplanted heart is a lifelong process. Dr. K R Balakrishnan top heart transplant surgeon at Fortis Hospital Chennai is nationally recognized for his superior heart transplant surgery.  Frequent visits and contact with him is essential, and he provides support every step of the way in your transplant journey, so you can focus on recovery and rehabilitation. He pioneers many techniques in transplant surgical operation and is always rank among the best in India and across the world. His specialized skills and training enable him to treat even the most complex cases of heart failure, including patients with other serious medical conditions and those in need of a simultaneous heart-lung or heart-kidney transplantation. The outlook for patients who have heart transplants here is excellent -- his results are among the best in the nation. He has a long history of providing heart transplant care, and he is continuing to build upon his achievement via surgical innovation and world-class medical treatment.


Dr. K R Balakrishnan provides cutting edge heart transplants giving patients a new lease of life


Dr. K R Balakrishnan top heart transplant surgeon at Fortis Hospital Chennai offers some of the shortest wait times for heart transplant in India, and our survival rates consistently rank among the nation’s best. He is also one of the nation’s best heart transplant surgeon who has been named one of the highest performing heart transplant surgeons in the country. He performs more heart transplants each year than most other heart transplant surgeons in India. He has performed our 1,000th transplant – a significant milestone which has been achieved by only a handful of surgeons in India. His experience makes use of superior clinical and surgical techniques to provide superb outcomes for adults and children with poor heart function as a result of end-stage heart failure, congenital heart disease, or other severe heart conditions.


Dr. K R Balakrishnan the most preferred heart transplant surgeon internationally


Dr. K R Balakrishnan has the accumulated wisdom of more than 30+years of research and patient care experience. He is quite popular among medical tourists from both developed and underdeveloped countries. While patients from developed countries such as the US and the UK find the cost of heart transplant surgery offered by him is extremely affordable and no waiting time an added advantage, those from underdeveloped countries are attracted toward the availability of the most advanced technology within their budget. For personal medical advice, please speak with him.


To arrange an appointment with top heart transplant surgeon at Fortis Hospital Chennai, please book an email appointment at: drbalakrishnan@indiacardiacsurgerysite.com


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India cardiac surgery service is one of the topmost medical providers in India with a wide range of services to offer. We are well connected to the vast network of cardio-specialist and clinics in all major cities of India .It is a matter of great pride that we are associated with some of the finest doctors in the world. Today we stand proud as the provider of exceptional healthcare facilities. People from across the world have been lured in by the fact that they can avail quality cardiac care services at a cost-effective range in India. And, we at India cardiac surgery service helps the patients from all spheres to avail the extraordinary medical treatments provided in this country.


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