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Cardiology is the medical specialty that uses invasive and non-invasive procedures for the treatment of different heart sicknesses. It is composed of cardiac muscle, valves, arteries and electrical system. A patient can have a sickness that involves one or all components, and this is where the respective sub specialties enter. The patients with these sicknesses, if they are in an advanced state, at any given moment, might need open heart surgery; this is when the cardiovascular surgeon proceeds.


Dr Ashok Seth the most experienced cardiac surgeon in the world


More and more cardiac patients are coming to Dr Ashok Seth best cardiologist in India for cardiac care, diagnostic medical check-ups, and state-of-the-art treatments every year because of his international acclaim and affordability. He also offers consultation to primary care physicians as well as provides ongoing care to patients with heart problems.  Dr Seth has made a difference in the lives of people with heart defects across the globe. By almost any standard, he currently offers the best cardiac care services available in India. He provides comprehensive care across the whole range of his specializations: cardiac surgery and vascular surgery. Yearly, he provides outpatient care to more than 4.000 patients and we carry out around 1.000 major surgeries. Half of these surgeries are cardiac surgeries and half are vascular interventions. The number of such procedures increases each year. Many people who seek cardiac surgery will find him to be much experienced.


Dr Ashok Seth experience, expertise, results and reputation speak for itself in field of cardiology


Dr Ashok Seth best cardiac surgeon at fortis hospital Delhi performs a great deal of interventions using the minimally invasive surgery ensuring the most careful access. He has international reputation, comprehensiveness of the treatment performed, the most effective procedures applied with the emphasis on minimally invasive care bringing more than 700 foreign patients for the heart surgery each year. He performs the broadest spectrum of both invasive and non-invasive surgeries in India. He is globally recognized with an excellent care for those suffering from acute coronary symptoms, especially the treatment of acute myocardial infarctions (heart attacks). He focuses on heart operations in adults, including heart transplants and reconstruction of the aorta. At the forefront is surgical treatment of coronary heart disease. He is committed in assisting his patients and their families in coordinating his experiences ensuring the best possible surgical outcomes.


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Booking online appointment with Dr. Ashok Seth most renowned cardiologist in Fortis Delhi is as simple as you taking a consultation with your local physician. On receiving your complete medical history, doctor’s notes and reports then he personally discuss your case and you are provided with a medical quote within 2 working days. Booking appointments online is a service extended by Dr. Seth; to help you easily get a confirmed appointment .He strives to make available most of his experienced during consultants, as he is among the top cardiologist in India. Your appointment might be booked and you may receive a reference number on your registered mobile number.


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After receiving your enquiry we will look for a hospital which would best suit your needs. Once found, we send you detailed information about the procedure which includes; approximate period, price of the treatment and other information necessary for a stress-free trip. If you accept our offer and choose us to organised your treatment we will ask you to send us medical reports about your health condition which we forward to the hospital where you´ll be treated. Our international patient services team assists patients in connecting you with the best doctors for medical opinion, providing cost estimates for the treatment and coordinating appointments and admissions as per patient’s travel dates.


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