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What makes Fortis Hospital a favorable destination for Heart Valve Replacement Surgery?


Overview :

Heart valve replacement surgery is an open heart operation. In this procedure the surgeon opens the chest and heart to remove the damaged valve. The new artificial valve is then sewn into place. In some cases, the valve can be replaced without opening the chest. Called minimally invasive surgery, the damaged valve is replaced through a small incision near the "breastbone" or under your right chest muscle. Heart valve surgery is used to replace diseased heart valves. Blood that flows between different chambers of the heart flows through a heart valve. Blood flows out of your heart into large arteries must also flow through a heart valve. These valves open up enough so that blood can flow through. They then close, keeping blood from flowing backward. There are 4 valves in heart:

  • Aortic valve
  • Mitral valve
  • Tricuspid valve
  • Pulmonic valve

The aortic valve is the most common valve to be replaced. The mitral valve is the most common valve to be repaired. Only rarely is the tricuspid valve or the pulmonic valve repaired or replaced.


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Benefits of Heart valve replacement surgery

Patient starts feeling better right away. This is because the heart valve is now working properly. Some patients may take longer to feel better. Most patients feel less pain and less anxious. They take care of themselves better and go back to everyday activities. Over time, you should be able to engage in your normal activities again. Each patient recovers at his or her own pace. Recovery depends on your overall strength. The effects of your old, damaged valve on your body will gradually fade as your new heart valve begins to help your heart function more efficiently.

Why Fortis Hospital is favorable destination for Cardiac Surgery

Nobody wants to make compromises in the quality of medical care or to be satisfied with little, when it comes to one's health care or the health of a loved one. After all, everyone hopes that doctors will do everything possible to alleviate suffering and save one's life. Fortis Hospital India and his team of medically qualified staff have a big experience in providing access to high quality Cardiac care and treatment from qualified proven physicians for international patients in India. Fortis is ready to offer all achievements of modern world medicine, knowledge and experience of qualified doctors and professors, medical staffs and world-class medical equipment. A wide range of medical facilities and accommodations in India provides each patient the possibility that his or her journey for health care will be both luxurious and affordable. The main objective of the Fortis Hospital is healthy patients, overcoming their diseases and ailments. The high quality of Indian medicine, plus the experience and expertise of their employees is a guarantee that any patient who turn to fortis a help, will not be only satisfied with the quality of the services, but will recommend Fortis Hospital  in the future to their relatives and friends, colleagues and all those who need quality health care. After all, client's personal recommendation - this is the best advertising for everybody.

Low cost Cardiac care at Fortis hospital in India

Without a doubt, there are exceptional doctors and hospitals at Fortis hospital in India, that the average cost of a heart valve replacement surgery in India, is approximately $50,000, and often exceeds $70,000 after hospital bills. These costs can’t be simply affordable to many patients. By comparison, in India at Fortis hospital the cost of a heart valve replacement including biological or synthetic valve tissue, surgery, hospitalization and post-operative care with medication usually ranges from $17,000 to $40,000 depending on the patient’s needs – truly a fraction of the cost of equivalent care in America. Additionally, at Fortis care is available immediately since patients are dealing with high-quality private hospital and cardiac specialists, so they get the treatment they need when they need it.

Fortis Hospital prides itself in providing personal attention and quality care for all its patients. Their patient care coordinators facilitate the communication and scheduling between the patients and the selected facility. Each coordinator is highly trained in the process and is able to address all of our patient's questions and concerns.

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Cost Effective Paediatric Cardiac Surgery in India at Fortis Hospital


Heart surgery in children is done to repair heart defects a child is born with (congenital heart defects) and heart diseases a child gets after birth that need surgery. The surgery is needed for the child's wellbeing. Congenital heart disease is a somewhat common condition that can affect almost 1 in every 100 newborns in the United States. There are many kinds of heart defects. Some are minor, and others are more serious. Defects can occur inside the heart or in the large blood vessels outside the heart. Some heart defects may need surgery right after the baby is born. For others, your child may be able to safely wait for months or years to have surgery. One surgery may be enough to repair the heart defect, but sometimes a series of procedures is needed.
Paediatric Cardiac Surgery with Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer of Fortis Hospital

Paediatric cardiology is a branch of medicine that deals with the individual having heart disease since birth (irrespective of the present age of the individual). The smallest patients require the most compassionate care. Cardiac surgery at Fortis Hospital specializes in all streams of cardiac surgery and is world renowned in dealing with complex Paediatric Cardiac Surgery. Fortis Hospital have with them renowned Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer who perform the world’s largest number of heart surgeries and interventional procedures innovative techniques and super – specialists give patients the advantage of superior therapy and preventive care for disorders of heart and vascular system. Team of interventional paediatric cardiologists and cardiac surgeon Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer is supported by physicians, intensivists, nurses, and anaesthesiologists. Together they provide children with the most effective, highest quality cardiovascular care in the world. They can determine if heart murmurs,chest pain, dizzy spells, palpitations, or other symptoms indicate a potential congenital or acquired heart problem. Whenever possible, the surgical team chooses minimally invasive procedures. In the event that a more invasive approach is required, the team uses clinically advanced best practices to reduce risk and prevent infection. Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer realizes this is a highly stressful time for parents. Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer communicates with family members regularly to keep them up-to-date on the status of their child.

Fortis Hospital India has earned distinction in paediatric cardiovascular cathlab interventions and the care of complex cardiac conditions. Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer who have performed more than 1,000 diagnostic catheterization procedures for the evaluation of simple and complex congenital heart disease and pulmonary hypertension.

A sample of the minimally invasive cathlab procedures performed includes

  • Device closure of the atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, and PDA
  • Balloon valvuloplasties for pulmonary and aortic valve stenosis
  • Stenting for coarctation of aorta and pulmonary artery stenosis
  • Embolization of collaterals
  • Additional complex surgeries

Low cost Paediatric Cardiac Surgery at Fortis Hospital

Paediatric Heart Surgery in India with the Best hospital is what you would want if your little one is suffering from any heart ailment. Affordable Pediatric Heart Surgery in India at Fortis Hospital Hospitals with Top Pediatric Cardiac Surgeons Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer is the most well known heart surgeons and consultants in the world. This clearly states the price difference that exists in India when compared to the west. The cost of heart surgery in India is perhaps the lowest in the world some comparisons show that patients in the USA can save 70% of the treatment cost by having their heart surgery in India. In countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many other European countries, it costs a fortune spending on heart surgery. As the quality of care and cost is so competitive, more and more people from around the world are choosing India for their heart surgery and a wide variety of other medical treatments.

Fortis Hospital brings to the table an unparallel children heart health division in the country. Children from over 78 countries suffering from congenital heart problems have sought successful treatment. For Immediate Appointment Email-id :

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    Welcome to Novena Heart Centre, Know about HEART ATTACK - symptoms disease, treatment. Novena Heart is national heart center and available Cardiologist Singapore.

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